About Us

EIMO ERASMUS FINLAND OY is a private company located in Helsnki,specialized in management, development and implementation of training plans and an advocate of cultural events, arts, diversity and education.

The company’s main focus lies on the development of courses for adult learners, youngsters and the unemployed in order to improve, explore, and acquire new tools and skills for intercultural communication and education.

EIMO ERASMUS LTD OY also prepares various mobility programs for teachers and students at an international level, combining language training and practical experiences, with the aim of enhancing and improving professional qualifications of young people and thus promoting their individual abilities, linguistic competencies, and developing entrepreneurial spirit. With more than eight thousands beneficiaries through national and international projects,

EIMO ERASMUS LTD OY Consulting is proud to also transmit the cultural heritage of Finland through activities, which open perspectives on arts, diversity, education and culture.


We believe it is essential to encourage the project participants to improve their ability to adapt themselves to new cultures and, and most of all, to enable them to insert themselves into the labour market and we have been successful in doing so for since 2009.


What are the activities and experience of your organization in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?


As a training center, and most importantly, as a training center located in Finland, in a country, which is suffering from the crisis in a very extreme way, one of our main aims is to prevent unemployment within our society. This is part of our success. The topic of the project is particularly important for us, as developing material, sharing information and participating in partnership meetings will contribute to the development of methods concerning the disadvantage population, who are the main target group of this project.


Miss. Viktoriia Chibysheva is the director of EIMO ERASMUS FINLAND LTD OY. He handles both National and International projects and also works as Financial analyst, research analyst and project development manager

His main duties are to assist and advise participants on all the issues regarding their stay, as well as monitoring, development of reports, certificates.